Mat Rempit to be part of Melaka motorcycle ambulance team? State CDF says plan currently being studied –

According to a report by The Star, a plan to recruit Mat Rempit as part of the motorcycle ambulance team is currently being studied, says Kol (PA) Mike Thein, the chairman of the Melaka Civil Defence Force’s (CDF) associate corporate officers category.

“Training will be provided for these motorcyclists to perform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and life support skills as well as delivery of food to flood victims before the full-fledged team arrives at an emergency scene,” Thein said.

Thein, who has been a CFD volunteer for two decades, added that he would also roll out two-wheeler emergency services in hard-to-reach tourist destinations in the city. The two-wheeler paramedic teams would carry life-saving equipment and first-aid kits, and their vehicle size would allow them to respond to a medical emergency much faster than a car or van in heavy traffic.

“The Mat Rempit would act as a reinforcement for two-wheeler paramedics. I intend to provide an opportunity to the group in turning them into volunteers for a noble cause and proposed this detail in my working paper,” he explained.

The two-wheeler emergency services (a mix of both motorcycles and bicycles) would feature six volunteers in each team, which will be modelled based on the advice from relevant departments. The goal here is to reduce response times in busy stretches and flood-hit areas.

Thein also pointed out that CDF volunteers and even outsiders had been trained in water rescue techniques to increase their preparedness in case of flooding and other natural calamities. The training was first started by Seafarer Explorer in Klebang before incorporating CDF’s modules. “We are also hoping to get assistance from the state government to allocate a site along the beachfront as our water rescue hub and to place our rescue boats,” he said.

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