‘I found a compartment in my car that’s opened by holding down one button’

A motoring influencer has revealed an interesting storage compartment that many motorists may not realise their car has.

The TikTok user ComodoMotors regularly posts videos which cover a variety of motoring topics, including car repairs and looks at the latest models.

In one of their most popular videos, ComodoMotors showed viewers how a GMC Yukon Denali pickup truck features a secret compartment, accessible by the touch of a button.

He explained: “Do you know that there are some cars that have secret compartments? Look, we’ve got cupholders, a wireless charger right here, a little compartment here, and your console here, where could there be a hidden compartment? Let me show you what trick it’s got up its sleeve.

“You think this is a sunroof button, right? Look, press this. For all your concealed carries, little secret gum hiders, and Bubblicious hiders, check this out. Boom! A little soft-close drawer.”

In the video, ComodoMotors simply presses a button above the windscreen and part of the central armrest slides back to reveal an extra compartment.

While the storage cubby is not the largest on the vehicle, it allows the owner to hide valuable items in a place that thieves would likely be unable to access.

However, many popular models available in the UK also feature hidden compartments, which can often be found in incredibly unusual places.

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Drivers who own Volkswagen Passat that features a sunroof may not be aware that there is a small space near to the controls, which was designed to store sunglasses.

Additionally, whilst the German company plans to turn the sporty GTI line of cars into electric vehicles, owners of a Golf GTI may find extra spaces around the interior.

These include a compartment behind the air vents on the dashboard, a space next to the front cup holder and even a storage cubby under the rear seat.

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With over 42,000 views, many motorists were impressed at the hidden feature, with many leaving their thoughts in the comment section.

One viewer wrote: “I have it on my 21 Yukon Denali. The armrest will also slide up when the console is in the back position. Makes the back cup holders more accessible.”

Another joked: “Well they know now!”

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