Jeep Compass Trailhawk Bookings Start In India Ahead Of Launch

FCA India today announced that it has opened bookings for the Jeep Compass Trailhawk. Customers can now book the Trailhawk at a fully refundable ₹ 50,000 at any of the 82 FCA all-brand showrooms across 70 Indian towns and cities. The Trailhawk is the first Made-in-India Jeep to have earned the coveted Trail Rated badge, a global benchmark that is given to Jeep 4×4 SUVs which are developed to have much superior off-roading capabilities compared to regular 4×4 Jeep models.

The Trailhawk gets an anti-glare decal on the hood which ensures the sun does not hamper the driver’s visibility; the front bumpers are redesigned and are now devoid of the aerodynamic overhang. The air dam has been provided at the bottom of the front bumper for enhanced air intake. The Trailhawk also comes with the comfortable frequency damped suspension, albeit has ground clearance much higher than the regular Compass to aid extreme on- and off-road conditions. The Compass Trailhawk monograms on the front and rear are now matte, neutral grey and the 7-slots in the grille also gets matte, neutral grey frames. The Trailhawk is given a tow hook at the rear which makes it capable of pulling out a stuck vehicle

The Compass Trailhawk gets enhanced ground clearance 

Announcing bookings open, Kevin Flynn – President and Managing Director, FCA India said, “The Trailhawk is a product which is developed for customers looking for a hugely capable and exclusive SUV in the compact category. It is the first compact SUV to be offered the BS VI turbodiesel engine, nearly a year before the new emission norms come into effect and, it is the only compact SUV which comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission.”

The Trailhawk gets the addition of a rock mode and 4WD Low mode 

Under the hood, the Trailhawk gets a 2-litre turbodiesel engine is re-engineered with additional technology to make it fully compliant with the BS 6 norms which come into play on April 1, 2020. As the engine will be available in all Trailhawks nearly one year before the norms become effective, it uses urea technology that will ensure peace of mind for customers. This means that the BS VI engine is capable of running on BS IV diesel until BS VI diesel is widely available in the country.

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