Little-known car cleaning hack that considerably boosts fuel efficiency and performance

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Petrol and diesel prices have massively affected drivers around the UK in recent months. The latest data from RAC Fuel Watch indicates that motorists will have to pay 174.79p per litre of unleaded and 185.40p per litre of diesel.

Hypermiling and other fuel-saving techniques have all gained popularity amongst motorists looking to make their fuel last longer.

One little-known fuel-saving tip can be done by replacing the car’s air filter, and it can have large benefits.

Will Bullen, of Car Lease Special Offers, called on drivers to make sure their filters are clean, and if necessary, replace them.

Mr Bullen said: “Dirty air filters cause your engine to work harder than it has to, which means more fuel is used.

“You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to change these as needed to help boost your fuel economy.”

If the air filter is dirty, it passes less air into the engine and can impact fuel mileage by as much as 10 percent.

It will also affect engine performance as the engine needs oxygen for fuel to combust.

The less airflow the engine receives, the greater the impact on the power, acceleration and torque.

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In addition, failing to change the air filter can lead to other problems, including engine choking or even overheating.

Generally, drivers should expect to change their air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

This does, however, depend on driving conditions and how often a person drives.

When looking at the air filter, drivers should always replace a dirty air filter, not clean it.

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Using a quality filter will not only improve the fuel economy but will also improve the performance of the vehicle.

Changing a clogged filter can increase acceleration by between six and 11 percent in modern fuel-injected cars.

Once a new air filter has been fitted, drivers can often see an immediate improvement.

The more debris that is prevented from entering the engine, the further the vehicle’s lifespan will be extended.

Motorists have also been warned that leaving cars in certain places may lead to an increased fuel consumption.

This is because vehicles that get extremely hot will require more ventilation using air con and will therefore burn more fuel.

Every motorist knows the pain of leaving their vehicle in direct sunlight and later coming back to it.

The heat, especially in the summer, can be very intense.

However, drivers have now been told that this can be avoided by parking in the shade.

Parking in the shade can also have a fuel-saving effect, as car owners will not have to instantly turn the air con on.

According to Karl Dyson, editor and founder of, motorists can, therefore, save a considerable amount of money by parking in well-shaded places.

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