Motorist fined RM5,000 for obstructing police outriders

A motorist learnt the hard way that refusing to give way to a VIP convoy with a police escort is very much a punishable offence, Bernama reports. Earlier this week, an insurance agent was fined RM5,000, in default five months’ jail, by the magistrate’s court in Tapah, Perak, for obstructing a VVIP’s (very very important person) motorcade and its police escort.

The insurance agent was charged with obstructing the police outriders in discharging their public function, committing the offence by slowing down his vehicle on several occasions and disrupting the smooth flow of the convoy at KM 351 of the North-South Expressway (south-bound) on October 25. He pleaded guilty and paid the fine.

The law has been stated clearly in the past. In 2015, it was reported that road users who defy police instructions – particularly in refusing to give way to VIP convoys when asked – can be penalised under three laws. Such behaviour can be considered as obstructing a civil servant from carrying out his duties and is an offence under the police act, road traffic act and the penal code.

The subject had been brought up following an incident back then in which a motorist stated on social media that he had refused to give way to a VVIP convoy, stating that the move was simply a case of fighting for his rights.

The police stated that VIPs are escorted mainly for safety reasons, and as such unhindered mobility to ensure that is not compromised is necessary. What do you think of the matter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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