SEMA 2018: High Quality Photos Behind the Scenes #MTSEMA18

The SEMA crunch is known far and wide in the automotive industry as both manufacturers and car builders alike thrash to get their booths and vehicles ready for the opening day of the big show. There is a long running joke about SEMA builds rarely being roadworthy by the actual event simply because there wasn’t enough time, and this becomes evident when you see lots of people pushing cars into the hall rather than driving them. Cars get rolled into place and carefully cleaned while forklifts and people squeeze by at unnerving proximities as the entire circus is set up around them. It’s truly a wonder that this mad dash to set up is as organized as it seems and that everything gets done in time, but year in and year out it goes off like clockwork.

Some of the most impressive builds and latest developments in aftermarket parts make their debut at SEMA each year, making it the place to be for anyone that is even remotely associated with the automotive industry. There is certainly all kinds of hoopla leading up to the show’s opening on Tuesday which can truly be a spectacle, and we were there to capture some of what SEMA is like before the doors are open to the members of the public who managed to get passes. So take a look through this gallery of high quality photos and enjoy the sights and sounds of the SEMA pregame show!


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