Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe Up 24% In October 2018

All-electric cars are pushing the market up, as PHEVs decrease.

The European plug-in electric car market expanded by 24% year-over-year in October to 32,319, which is good compared to just 1% growth in September.

However, it’s clear that results are affected by the transition to WLTP certification, which wiped out many PHEV models (especially from Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, as BMW, Mitsubishi and Volvo did their homework). Last month, all-electric car sales increased by 63%, while plug-in hybrids decreased 6%.

Anyways, market share improved to 2.9% in October and 2.3% for the first 10 months of 2018, while total sales reached 307,594 so far this year (up 34%).

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – October 2018

Nissan LEAF remains the best-selling electric car in Europe with 4,785 sales (up 285% year-over-year), followed by Renault ZOE (4,061), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2,771), Volkswagen e-Golf (2,458) and BMW i3 (2,289). Jaguar I-PACE shines with its first four-digit result – 1,163.

Registration stats for Europe are provided by EV Sales Blog:

In October European and U.S. sales were much closer than in September.

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