Polestar Cube Is All-Electric Brand's New Digs, Not A Destroyer Of Worlds

Assimilate this.

Of the many big baddies from the Star Trek universe, the Swedish-sounding Borg rank as one of the most terrifying, with their faceless cube-shaped ships destroying anything and everything in their path. This cube in Sweden is not a destroyer of worlds, though. It’s just the new home of Polestar.

Called (imaginatively) the Polestar Cube, the building may share its shape with the ships of Captain Picard’s arch-nemesis, but it’s anything but terrifying. The white glass façade looks like something Apple would build (if it didn’t have a flying saucer for its headquarters) and is but one part of a new complex in Gothenburg dedicated to Volvo’s new all-electric sub-brand. Aside from the windows, the only break in the smooth surface is for Polestar’s star-shaped logo, which is lit up in white.

“Minimalistic, avant-garde design is at the core of the Polestar brand, in our cars and in the way that we interact with our customers. Design also plays a role in how we feel and cooperate in our workplace,” Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo’s design boss, said in a release. “With the new headquarters, we wanted to transform an existing structure to create a new, modern building on the Volvo Cars campus that expresses our brand values, and which becomes an inspiring and desirable place for our global team to work.”