Proton Certified Pre-Owned – all cars sold through programme now come with 1-year extended warranty –

All vehicles sold through the Proton Certified Pre-Owned (PCPO) programme will now come with a one-year extended warranty effective immediately, the carmaker announced today. Previously, the extended warranty was only offered for Proton vehicles and wasn’t available for vehicles of other brands sold through the PCPO programme.

The extended warranty is underwritten by Allianz General Insurance and covers parts of the engine and transmission that are found to be defective under normal use for first 25,000 km or 12 months from the date or purchase – repairs and replacements are conducted by the warranty provider.

“Proton would like to welcome Allianz as our insurance partner in our effort to provide added assurance to our customers. With the extended warranty, owners of PCPO vehicles are protected from unexpected costs due to mechanical failure for engine and transmission parts,” said Roslan Abdullah, deputy CEO of Proton.

“With Proton’s sales volume increasing over the past few years, we have seen a similar increase of trade-in or trade-up transactions. Therefore, with customer satisfaction in mind, we want to give assurances to our consumers to ensure ownership of a PCPO vehicle is a satisfactory experience on par with other brands,” he added.

The PCPO programme is managed by Proton’s Used Car Management (UCM) division and there are currently 36 participating Proton outlets that retail PCPO vehicles in Malaysia. Vehicles sold through the programme are required to undergo a thorough 201-point inspection to ensure they are free of any flood or major accident damage. In addition to the one-year extended warranty, customers are also entitled to a one-time free basic service that is redeemable up to six months.

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