My 2021 Tata Nexon XM petrol MT: 13000 km & multiple roads trips later

Last week, we completed a 2672 km drive to Arunachal Pradesh. Our Nexon returned MID fuel efficiency of 20.3 kmpl, whereas tank-to-tank mileage was around 18.4 kmpl.

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I am updating this ownership review thread after a long gap. In the meantime, our Nexon has crossed the 10K km milestone. The odometer reading now stands at 13018 km.


In January this year, our Nexon went through its first full service including change of engine oil. The total bill came out to be just Rs. 2814. Afterwards, it went through its next 6 monthly checkup in July. The total bill this time was Rs. 500 only . After a few weeks, I got a call from our service center regarding hatch-door-latch link-rod check/replace campaign by Tata Motors. It turned out that our Nexon already had the newer part. So it didn’t require any part replacement.


In the last ten months, our Nexon has traveled to 7 states: Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put up the travelogues yet. Nevertheless, it has been a delightful experience to drive the Nexon. Last week, we completed a 2672 km drive to Arunachal Pradesh. The drive had around 450 km of hill drive. I drove it fully in Sport mode. Except, for the hill drive part where AC was not needed, the AC was used throughout the drive. Our Nexon returned MID mileage of 20.3 kmpl for the Arunachal trip whereas tank-to-tank mileage was around 18.4 kmpl.

Here are a few pics of our Nexon from these trips:

Drive to Arunachal Pradesh, Oct 2022:

Drive to Sikkm, May 2022:

Drive to Lodhasuli, Feb 2022:

Current odometer reading:

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