PSA Group To Launch Citroen Brand In India; First Model To Come By 2021-End

Groupe PSA (Peugeot S.A.) today confirmed its plan to launch its Citroen brand in India. Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing board, announced the arrival of the French brand in India, as part of the presentation of FY2018 financial results. The company said that the plan to launch the Citroen brand in India is part of the PSA Group’s ambition to conquer new markets, and India is a part of it. Citroen’s first vehicle for India is expected to arrive by the end of 2021, after the company commences the production of powertrain for the Indian market.

CEO Linda Jackson said the Citroen brand has the potential to satisfy Indian customers

Linda Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Citroen, said, “We are very proud to launch Citroen in India, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Building on the Brand’s success in Europe with 5 consecutive years of growth, I am convinced that Citroen’s selling proposition of unique styling, eco-friendly & comfortable cars at the heart of the market has all the potential to satisfy Indian customers.”

PSA Group claims that the India project is part of the company’s Push-to-Pass plan, which was introduced in early 2017 with the signing of two joint venture agreements with CK Birla Group. The Group will be manufacturing vehicles and powertrains in India at the company’s facility in Tamil Nadu, working towards its goal to “be Indian in India”. More details on the company vehicle and engine development will be provided at a later stage.

The first Citroen model will be launched towards the end of 2021

Sharing his view on the arrival of the Citroen brand in India, C.K. Birla, Chairman CK Birla Group of Companies, said, “Announcement of Citroen brand for our Vehicle JV in India, soon after the inauguration of the Powertrain JV greenfield facility at Hosur in late 2018, is a major milestone for the long term partnership of PSA Groupe & CK Birla Group. It is truly an exciting brand for the Indian consumers seeking international eco-friendly products designed for & made in India with unique styling & comfort.”

Globally, the Citroen brand has been present since 1919, and has produced cars with some of the most unique design characteristics. The brand continues to be a popular name in the European market even today, and in 2018 alone, Citroen sold over 1.05 million vehicles across 90 different markets.

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