Ride 3 Now Available on PS4, XB1 and PC

Some folks may have got their hands on it a few days early thanks to special editions, but Milestone’s Ride 3 motorcycle racer is now available across all major platforms.

The two-wheeled title is a huge one, essentially a Gran Turismo for bike lovers (at least until we get a Tourist Trophy 2). Spanning seven different categories, the entire bike list is 230+ strong.

A racing game is only as good as its tracks, and Ride 3 looks to have a strong foundation there too. Over 30 tracks are available for players to master, including Road America, the Nordschleife, and stunning Lake Garda.

Customization is part of the experience too, with aftermarket pieces available for the bikes as well as an in-depth livery editor.

Players will experience all the game has to offer through its new career mode. Split into “volumes” in the shape of vintage magazines, there’s 61 different issues to explore.

The whole package has received a visual upgrade too, thanks to Milestone’s move to Unreal Engine 4.

Have you picked up Ride 3? Want to know how our community’s taking to it? Check out the comments section!

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