Tesla Model 3 RWD Versus An Icy Hill: Video

Another round of Tesla Model 3 winter testing.

Winter and cold weather-related EV videos and articles are quite the rage as of late. This is especially true when it comes to those that feature the Tesla Model 3. This makes perfect sense since Jack Frost has decided to show his ugly face early this year, and he seems to be in rare form. In addition, very few people owned a Model 3 last winter, so this is new information. How does the Model 3 fare on an icy hill? Can it get traction? Will it stop? How do those automatic windshield wipers work?

While the small Tesla sedan is a newbie compared to most EVs available in the U.S., a massive number of people are taking delivery of the car on a daily basis. In fact, Model 3 deliveries this winter season are to a level we’ve never seen before in the segment, and that’s an understatement. Let’s not forget that some Model 3 vehicles feature rear-wheel drive, which many believe is not the best option for winter driving.

In order to keep you informed, we’ve shared plenty of articles (see above) and videos pertaining to the Tesla Model 3’s abilities (or lack thereof) in light snow, deeper snow, ice, and cold in general. Hopefully, this is helpful to current EV owners, as well as those who are considering taking the plunge and purchasing a Model 3 (or any electric car) this winter. Yes, there are surely significant differences between this Tesla and competing electric vehicles, but our coverage should work to help all EV owners this winter.

To further inform fellow electric vehicle owners, please share your winter/cold weather EV experiences in our comment section and on our Forum.

Video Description via Tesla Canuck on YouTube:

In this video I take the Model 3 RWD out in fresh snow in daylight hours and try to make it up a hill (index is below to jump to sections of interest). I do get briefly stuck. I am using winter tires. I didn’t intend to talk about the auto-wipers but in a moment of frustration, I have to rant about them. They unfortunately suck.

Up the hill: 1:10
Stuck: 1:48
Auto-wipers suck: 2:50
Auto-wipers rant: 3:25
Down the hill full breaking: 5:00

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