Road users able to save ten percent on petrol and diesel costs by cleaning car windows

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Drivers have been warned that keeping the inside of their windows clean can prevent the glass from misting up. This will stop road users from needing to use their air-conditioning to help clear the condensation.

Many road users use this simple tool to clear the mist from their cars but regularly doing so can have a major impact on car running costs.

Blasting air-con can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10 percent and can be particularly draining in low speeds.

Experts at KwikFit have added that fuel consumption caused by using an air-con is often more noticeable on short journeys.

This is because it is unlikely that drivers will use their air-con during the whole journey meaning it can be turned off.

When drivers initially set off the air con has to work hard to bring the temperature down which can take up petrol.

USwitch spokesperson Florence Codjoe has warned that working out your driving style could “pay off” in aiming to reduce costs.

She warned that simple measures such as sudden braking and a heavy car can increase fuel costs in the long run.

Ms Codjoe said: “Taking the time to assess your style of driving could really pay off in the long run.

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“By making simple changes to your driving habits you could reduce your carbon footprint and save hundreds of pounds on fuel.

“Harsh braking, under-inflated tyres, and even keeping your boot full of junk, will increase your fuel consumption.”

USwitch has warned drivers can avoid their windscreen from steaming up by applying simple anti-fog products to their cars.

These coat the window and prevent any moisture from clinging to it which can prevent condensation in the winter.

Anti-fog tools also prevent the glass from accumulating dust and oil in another win for road users.

KwikFit has also told drivers it is better to open the window for a few minutes when first setting off rather than using the air-con.

This will remove the majority of hot air in the cabin meaning that air-con units will not need to work as hard when they are turned on.

KwikFit says that road users will save more fuel driving with their windows open at slow speeds.

However, when travelling on faster roads it is better to use the air-con as open windows can cause additional drag and use up fuel.

They have also urged road users to have their car’s air-con serviced regularly around every two years.

This checks that the system is running to ensure the tool does not need to work as hard when in use.

Out of date and inefficient systems will use up more fuel to operate which can have a devastating impact on running costs.

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