SparkCharge Portable EV Charger For Roadside Boost Doesn't Rely On Gas

Forget about a gas generator, this one has its own battery modules and is attracting a lot of investors.

SparkCharge, a startup company that is developing a very interesting portable EV DC charger for roadside assistance, recently raised $3.3 million in seed round financing.

The company already raised $5 million in total funding since its launch in 2017, and now intends to “scale manufacturing, meet rapidly growing sales demand, and aggressively expand development”.

The SparkCharge “portable ultra-fast, modular electric vehicle (EV) charger” is kind of unique because it is battery-electric powered, not a gas generator, like the most recently introduced Blink portable EVSE (9.6 kW AC).

SparkCharge is a full-blown 20 kW DC fast charger (with CHAdeMO or CCS Combo plug) and a modular battery (up to five modules), which according to the company can replenish about 1 mile of range in a minute of charging.