How Do Tesla Seats Compare To Mercedes Seats? Let's Tear Them Apart To Find Out

Tesla is often knocked for the quality of its vehicles, especially when considering the price.

If you want to compare the comfort and luxury of multiple cars’ interiors, simply step inside and check them out. While seat comfort and interior quality are somewhat subjective, it’s not too hard to differentiate between ultra-comfortable and passable. Similarly, it’s not hard to notice luxury-grade materials, soft-touch surfaces, and exquisite nuances. However, it what’s inside that really counts, right?

Few people have probably had the opportunity to tear apart a Tesla Model X seat to see what’s inside. Even if they have somehow had such an experience, they may not have a dissected Mercedes seat for comparison. Thankfully, for people who want to know exactly what’s inside a Tesla seat as compared to a luxury car seat, we have Dan and Lincoln Markham to fill us in.

The Markham’s enjoyed a visit to Mercedes a few years back. During their adventure, they got to see the inside of a Mercedes S-Class seat. To say they were enamored with the attention to detail would be an understatement. Check out the video above to see what’s inside a Model X seat. Then, watch the video below about the S-Class seats.

Should Tesla work to makes its interiors fancier? Are its seats comfortable enough for most drivers? The real question here may be whether or not people are willing to pay more for opulence inside a Tesla. Perhaps an ultra-premium interior option at a higher price point would be enticing to some? It’s hard to know if this would be beneficial for Tesla. We’d love to know what you think.

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What’s inside a Tesla Seat?

We cut open a seat from a Tesla! What’s inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat:…

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