The Former Slowest Car of Hot Rod Drag Week: 1984 Honda Civic

NHRA and Hot Rod Drag Week announcer Brian Lohnes summed up the progression of this little Honda perfectly in saying, “We are no longer timing this thing using the angle of the sun, we are actually using the drag strip timing system.” Ian Christensen’s blue 1984 Honda Civic came to us last year in completely bone-stock form and ran the entire week in the 21-second range. Ian was highly praised and quickly became a favorite because of his willingness to experience the event and have fun, no matter how fast, or slow.

This year he returned, but gave his car a bit of an upgrade. Gone was the original sub-two liter inline four-cylinder engine (there were several engine displacement options ranging from 1.1-1.5 liters) in favor of a more modern K-series Honda engine. This engine swap alone shaved off around four seconds compared to his times last year. Not bad for just an engine swap!

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