These Cool Auto Themed Socks Will Warm Your Feet And Your Heart

They come from a company called Heel Tread, and we want them all.

We cover all kinds of car-related content at, including cool accessories that might fit the car crazy nature of auto enthusiasts everywhere. In this case, we literally mean fit, because these auto-themed socks are glorious in a way that we can’t really explain.

These nifty feet warmers come from a company called Heel Tread, which specializes strictly in socks. Yes, you can go to the nearest big box store and get a pair of socks, and some might even have an automaker logo on them. We love these particular socks, however, because they’re insanely creative in how the designs connect to various automakers and specific cars. The livery socks for the Ford GT40, Porsche 911, and E30 BMW M3 are spot-on, and who wouldn’t want a plaid pair to match the VW Golf GTI’s iconic interior? Yes it’s cute and perhaps a bit silly, but come on – it’s also freaking awesome.

Heel Tread isn’t hurting for selection, either. A quick look on the company’s website shows several category listings for everything from rally fans to German sedan aficionados, and yes, American muscle. The Mustang Eleanor socks actually look quite good with the black stripes, but we have to ask – where are the Challenger Demon socks? Hopefully that’s on the list for the next round of production.

The socks are primarily cotton and are made with “seamless knitting.” We aren’t exactly sure what that means, though we picked up a couple pairs for ourselves and they’re insanely comfortable. Heel Tred will sell you socks with a high or low cut, though if we’re sporting a snazzy pair of socks, we want to have the full package to advertise our taste in cars while relaxing by the fire.

Price seems reasonable at $12.00 a pair ($10.00 for low-cut socks), and Heel Tread says orders over three pairs get free shipping. With the holidays just around the corner, these could be properly unique gifts for the discriminating car enthusiast who already has a closet full of branded shirts and hats.

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