This 2024 Ford Mustang GT Only Survived 16 Miles Before Being Crashed

Pour one out for another brand-new performance car that never had a chance to live. This 2024 Ford Mustang GT is so new that some online VIN-check systems don’t show any vehicle history at all. By that, we mean no ownership history or accident history. The photos from this IAA auction, however, clearly show some major collision damage.

If you look at this black Mustang from a three-quarter view at the passenger side front, all seems fine. We don’t see any wrinkles in the roof, and panel gaps appear normal around the doors. It’s only when your gaze reaches the very back that something seems off. Where’s the thin lip spoiler that’s standard on the GT? And what’s with all the empty space behind the rear wheel?

Moving to the backside, the answers become apparent. The rear fascia, trunk lid, and taillights are gone, revealing extensive damage to the chassis. It appears the primary point of impact was on the driver-side rear, just off the centerline. We have no idea what actually happened here; the auction listing doesn’t state a cause. There’s a distinct U-shape to the damage not unlike hitting a tree, but an offset rear-end collision is certainly a possibility.

The damage is certainly extensive, but it doesn’t look extremely bad on the outside. The rear glass is intact, and panel gaps on the driver’s side look normal as well. However, peeking inside the car shows the rear seats shoved forward, suggesting there’s a lot of hidden damage underneath this Ford. The auction estimates the repair cost at nearly $30,000, with the value of the car being approximately $45,000.

Interior photos also show this car being a lower-spec GT, rocking the individual displays for the driver and center touchscreen. And yes, the mileage on that driver screen shows just 16.4 miles on the clock. It’s unclear if the car even had an owner yet, though that could be a temporary registration tag taped to the windshield. We can’t see if there’s a plate or tag on the back of the car, for obvious reasons.

This 2024 Mustang is currently resting in North Carolina. A specific auction date isn’t listed at this time. If you’re in the market for a new 5.0 swap for your project car, keep an eye out for bidding to start. 

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