Volkswagen Is Considering Making An Electric Pickup

Just when you thought the electric pickup space couldn’t get any more competitive, it has emerged that Volkswagen are now thinking of entering the segment. Speaking to Business Insider, Volkswagen Group Of America CEO Scott Keogh had the following to say when questioned on the matter:

“It’s something we’re actively looking at, but nothing to actually report now. I think it’s the chance of a lifetime in this segment because electrification gives you a reset moment. It gives you a chance to bring some, let’s say, alternatives and some new ideas into this great segment.”

Between startups and existing OEMs the electric truck space is seriously heating up. It would be an interesting move if VW entered the area given they don’t sell any ICE pickups in the US at the moment and only one globally – the Amarok.

Keogh further highlighted the opportunity electric presents. He noted buyers of traditional truck brands may be convinced to make the switch to an alternative in the electric era:

“I think a buyer would historically say, ‘I buy F-150, I buy Ram, I buy Silverado.’ Now they might be saying, ‘I’m going to buy an electric one’. That reset moment gives a competitive chance to come in, whether it’s Rivian or whether it’s us.”

An affordable electric VW pickup to go head-to-head with the entry-level versions of the F-150 Lightning and Silverado EV could certainly be a compelling choice for consumers. Volkswagen has been one of the most progressive traditional manufacturers when it comes to EVs, with their ID range performing very well from a sales perspective – particularly in Europe.

Source: Business Insider

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