Volkswagen shows off its interactive lighting systems

During Volkswagen’s recent Future Talk event, the German automaker gave us some insight into its latest lighting systems, some of which are already available as an option on the latest Touareg. These systems not only offer enhanced lighting efficiency but are also able to communicate and increase safety even further.

At the front, the company has developed the ‘IQ. Light matrix LED headlights’, which feature micro-pixel HD headlights with up to 30,000 light points. This allows for information to be projected directly onto the road, similar to what the Mercedes-Benz S-Class can do.

The technology ties in with a new assist system – Optical Lane Assist – whereby lanes are projected in front of the Touareg so the driver can precisely determine the width of the SUV as well as the distance to the road lane markings, like at road works.

Volkswagen has also developed matrix taillight clusters that allow warnings/messages to be incorporated within them. With the customisable taillights and using car-to-car communication, the lead vehicle can defuse dangerous situations by providing an early warning to the trailing vehicle.

A new Optical Park Assist system will also make it easier for drivers to guide their vehicles into parking lots as guide lines are projected onto the road. Furthermore, the system will be able to alert pedestrians to the parking process. The combination of front and rear lighting systems is also claimed to be important in autonomous vehicles to indicate if the vehicle is in operation and ready to move.

To further its development of lighting systems, Volkswagen has set up a dedicated centre at its Wolfsburg plant that has a 100-metre long, 15-metre wide and five-metre high light tunnel. The company says the centre has hastened development as there’s no need for time-consuming night drives.

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