Volvo adds new Apple CarPlay features in over-the-air update

The new updates are designed to improve the Apple CarPlay user experience and are being rolled out to 650,000 Volvo vehicles globally

Volvo has announced a new over-the-air update to Apple CarPlay in cars equipped with its latest Google-based infotainment software. The changes include the addition of navigation and call information to the driver’s display screen. 

Apps such as Apple Maps and other supported navigation systems can now be viewed in the driver’s display, along with phone call information, in an effort to make life easier for Apple CarPlay users. Apple CarPlay was only added to Volvo models featuring the brand’s latest Google infotainment system in 2022 with owners previous restricted to pairing phones via Android Auto.

Also included in the update are improvements to the centre display screen when Apple CarPlay is connected. These are designed to make selecting, pausing and skipping between songs easier. Users are now able to choose whether they want to keep the wing mirrors folded or not after locking the car, too.  

We’ve been impressed with the Google Android-based navigation in our long-term XC40 Recharge but with many users favouring Apple technology the update should widen the appeal of the Volvo range while enhancing the experience of many existing owners. 

This new software update, which also includes general bug fixes and minor engine calibration changes, will be sent out to 650,000 cars worldwide. In the UK it will be available to download for all Volvo models fitted with the Google infotainment system. 

Volvo began its rollout of over-the-air updates to its cars after integrating Google software in early 2021 after the brand abandoned its own in-house infotainment system in favour of Google’s Android Automotive OS. 

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