Watch Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Charge At 250 kW

While we got a glimpse Porche’s first 350-kW CCS charging station, we’ve yet to see the technology in action until now.

As we continue to report, people want faster EV charging, and when it arrives and works as advertised, we should see a notable increase in EV adoption. Tesla Superchargers are capable of about 120 kW at peak rates and the new Electrify America stations offer some 350-kW ultra-fast chargers (related to Porsche since VW Group is employing the EA stations as part of its Dieselgate agreement). Ionity, ABB, and some others are also publicizing such technology.

Porsche has advertised that its 800-volt charger can bring its batteries to an 80-percent charge in just 15 minutes, however, we haven’t yet seen that proven, and we have no clue about the batteries themselves in terms of size.

Now, German automotive publication Auto Motor und Sport’s Alexander Bloch got some exclusive time with the upcoming Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo and was able to check out the charging situation firsthand, among other things.

As expected, the car doesn’t charge at the full 350 kW, but instead at 248 kW. This doesn’t mean that the tech isn’t capable, however. Instead, it’s just not charging at the full rate possible for various reasons. Still, 248 kW is pretty encouraging.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pointed out in the past that 350 kW just isn’t practical or necessary right now. Battery packs aren’t large enough to have a high enough C-rate and 350 kW would be cost prohibitive. Tesla has plans for 200 to 250 kW V3 Superchargers at some point in the not too far future.

Check out the Mission E Cross Turismo video above. Scroll forward to the 19-minute mark to see the section pertaining to charging.

Video Description via Auto Motor und Sport on YouTube:

*Translated from German

Porsche stands for PS strong boxer engines with great sound. In the future, however, the world of the Swabians could sound very different. We take a look into the future with the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo and show why it will be the fastest electric car on the road. Alexander Bloch receives an exclusive insight into the E-Ladepark at the Porsche test center in Weissach

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