Watch The Honda Civic Type R Remind The World Of Its Power

For all its mad wings and many angles, the Honda Civic Type R isn’t quite as attention-grabbing as it was upon release. When it comes to hot hatches, the trouble is we’re all caught up in marvelling at the how Hyundai of all companies managed to make something as good as the i30 N, deciding whether or not the new Renault Megane RS is any good, and rubbing our hands with glee at prospect of the new Mercedes-AMG A35.

But to serve as a timely reminder that – when it comes to front-wheel drive hot hatches – the Type R is still a very potent thing, we have this drag race from Top Gear. In it, the hot Civic faces off against the aforementioned Hyundai and Renault, and it’s a very comfortable victory from the Honda.

Honda - Watch The Honda Civic Type R Remind The World Of Its Power - Japanese

It mirrors the result of a Car Wow drag race we saw a few weeks ago, which also included a Peugeot 308 GTI and a Seat Leon Cupra R along with the i30 N and Megane RS.

As well as being the fastest in a straight line, the 316bhp is also the most capable of the current front-drive hot hatch crop. But is it the one you’d have?

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