Austria: EVs will be allowed higher speed limits

Austria has allowed electric vehicles (EVs) to travel at higher speeds on certain sections of the road compared to cars running on fossil fuels. With this move, the authorities are attempting to get people to adopt EVs in order to meet the European Union’s 2030 climate targets.

According to a media report, EVs in Austria will be permitted to travel at 130 km/h, while conventional cars will be restricted to 100 km/h in a particular speed zone. The areas with higher speed limits include 440 km of roadways. The new policy also includes provisions for free parking for EVs in different municipalities.

Austria’s Federal Ministry on Transport reports that EVs make up 2.5 percent of new vehicle registrations. This number is higher than Germany. Austria is looking to reduce 7.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 from the transport sector. This move is expected to help in achieving its target.

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