We Reviewed the Tesla Model X and Didn’t Say That Guy’s Name Once: Video

We recently got our hands on a Tesla Model X 100D and wanted to share our thoughts with you. And we're going to do it without saying Elon Musk's name once … shoot (make that twice). The point is: For all the news about Tesla the company and its founder, this is about the vehicle.

And it's a remarkable vehicle. The Model X is loaded with features that made Cars.com reviewer Joe Bruzek wonder why other manufacturers haven't done the same thing or similar. The Model X also impressed with its range, charging abilities and acceleration – and it wasn't even the P100D model complete with Ludicrous mode.

It's not without its faults and quirks, however. Phone integration seemed surprisingly behind the times, and the Falcon Wing doors are almost too attention-grabbing. Additionally, the doors do a good job of protecting themselves from hitting overhead objects, but when they're partially open, getting in and out can be a chore.

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This also wouldn't be a review of a Tesla without discussing Autopilot, the company's semi-autonomous driving technology. Bruzek calls it a "must-use" for those with congested commutes, but he also noticed some minor issues.

Since this video was recorded, Tesla has released its 9.0 software update, which adds more features to the Model X. As Bruzek points out, that's the Model X's biggest selling point: It can be updated and improved without having to trade it in for a newer model year.

Watch the video to learn more about the Tesla Model X.

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