Your Guide To The Best Private Race Track Clubs In The U.S.

These are the best exclusive facilities where you can safely and legally race your own car.

“It’s my happy place,” a private club member says. “I forget about work for a few hours and hang out with my best friends.” The private facility is in New York’s Catskills, with acres of lush grass and forested hills. High topiary walls hide it from public view. “It’s gorgeous, right?” the member adds.

Then he jams on a full-face helmet and jumps into an orange Porsche GT3 RS sports car. “Oh yeah,” he shouts. “And I get to go really, really fast.”

When you overhear friends talking about the healthy competition at their private club, the hazards on the course’s back half, or the $100,000 initiation fee, you can no longer simply assume they’re talking about golf.

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