More Tesla Dashcam Road Rage Antics

It turns out dashcams are a blast.

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you get a dashcam of your own you’ll never witness another compelling piece of footage or road rage to capture, but at least we can hope … maybe not, since these incidents are horrible. With the standard Tesla dashcam — coined TeslaCam — footage of road rage and other interesting incidents is about to get real.

Now, with the TeslaCam standard in all Tesla vehicles, and especially the Model 3, we have tons of people out there who may have never had access to such a feature capturing tons of captivating footage. We can only imagine the level of ridiculousness Tesla owners will be able to share over time. Since it’s not that common for people to have dashcams running, drivers seemingly don’t even think twice about the fact that they may be being filmed at every moment.

A plethora of Tesla Model 3 vehicles are taking to the roadways every day. Perhaps this will help local authorities to get a grasp on these loser drivers that may be putting lives at stake. Also, it can only inspire other automakers to add a dashcam as an available feature.

Will TeslaCam footage become the new replacement for the myriad of drag racing posts? Wait … TeslaCam could be integral in racing posts as well! Ahh … the possibilities. Fill us in by sharing a comment below.

Check out Part 2 of the situation below:

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