See How Cold Weather Impacts Tesla Model 3

Cold weather impacts every EV and ICE car, but precisely, how does the Tesla Model 3 fare?

One of our most highly respected sources, Trevor Page from Model 3 Owners Club, is situated in the great white north. Trevor lives in Canada and has to deal with extreme cold weather on an almost year-round basis. He’s shared with us before about dealing with EVs in the frigid climate. Most notable is his previous take on charging and range loss in Tesla vehicles in cold temps. But, more importantly, he now has a Tesla Model 3 and he’s updated us with his observations surrounding how the cold weather may impact the EV.

There’s nothing completely compelling in this video for those that know Tesla products and EVs in general. But for those electric-car rookie reservation holders, this is surely something to be considered. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just apply to the Model 3, but any EV. Batteries react to the cold and that’s important to note. However, it’s not really bad news.

Let’s think for a minute here about the fact that ICE cars can’t be warmed up in your garage, there’s no true pre-heating function, and sometimes gas-powered cars refuse to even start in bitter temps. While EVs may have reduced range in cold weather, so do gas-powered cars. But regardless, there are many advantages to owning an electric car.

Imagine charging at home and never having to endure the cold at a gas station! Think of a car that starts instantaneously regardless of the weather. How about even heating your cold garage with your EV and having forever warmed seats and cabin previous to ever venturing out in the elements.

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Video Description via Tesla Model 3 Owners Club via YouTube:

Cold weather and your Model 3



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