Tesla Goes Patent Crazy With Huge Casting Machine For Model Y

Will we ever see such a tool working to create entire car frames?

After the presentation of the Model 3, it seems the Model Y did not get that much love from the audience. But it surely got it from Tesla. The compact SUV may be the first Tesla product to have not only a revolutionary wiring system, but it will possibly premiere another innovation: a giant casting machine for its frame.

Again, Tesla is tired of manufacturing processes that make companies lose a lot of time and money. This is the main reason it has created the new wiring system, which we have already told you about. And this is the main argument in favor of the new casting machine.

A normal unibody car frame consists of dozens of small and large metal parts. They are folded and cut by giant dies in stamping machines, and then are glued or welded together by people or robots. It is like a giant origami. Tesla’s patented casting machine plans to end the “folding” and gluing part of the process.

The American EV manufacturer calls the new tool a “multi-directional unibody casting machine for a vehicle frame.” So it obviously has to do with the structure of future Tesla vehicles. The company says it may use “hot or cold chamber die casting machine.”