DIY: Adding parcel tray strings to any car for just 8 rupees

The hooks for the same were sourced from the Swift, which cost a meagre Rs. 16.

BHPian lemedico recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Adding parcel tray strings to a Tiago for Rs. 8. This method would work for a lot of other cars as well.

We’re all aware of the frequent habit of feature deletions across the Tata motors range. So much, that I wonder if they are secretly inspiring Indians to be crafty with their hands and tools to bring such deletions back to their cars by DIY. I’m happy about that, an active brain is prevention against old age Alzheimer’s disease! When I’m not playing Sudoku or operating on patients in the operating theatre, I am busy with my cars- cleaning, maintaining, and upgrading features!

I recently acquired a pre-owned Tiago XZA+ 2021 make. This was a boon purchase as it’s compact size and ease of ownership was a desperate need amongst the usual cars in my garage, which are far too long, or tall for my daily get around. Alas, on purchase, I immediately lost a few hair strands learning of the absent reverse parking sensors (on the top model!) and these measly parcel tray strings to lift it up when the boot opens.

I am a fan of transplant surgery. This concept works well outside of healthcare as well! You may have read my thread on grafting a Honda City’s auto-dimming IRVM into a Ciaz.

This was a proper achievement by myself, and a lot more DIYers who grabbed the part for Rs. 422. Unfortunately, the fanfare caused the part to shoot up to a price of Rs. 6000+ as of now.

Anyway, I needed hooks to attach to the boot, which would hang the loop of the parcel tray string. I didn’t even try going to Tata motors to find out if they had them, or even bother trying to explain to them what I need and why the hell I need it. Tata motors has the most nonchalant staff who are best left alone.

I have a few friendly faces at Maruti Suzuki through my work on their kidneys. I rang a chap up o’er there and told him what I needed. I was giving the example of a similar part from the Baleno but I quickly realised the stings on the Baleno hang directly off the rear windshield by metal clips. What I needed were hooks from a Swift. Luckily, being a rare part sale, they were available in stock for a price of Rs. 16 per hook. I wasn’t charged and handed them over complimentary! Perhaps they’ll stick it on the bill during the service for my wife’s Ciaz but for now, I’ve yet to spend any money.

There are rubber plugs covering the holes where you need to push in the hooks. It’s a simple task that needs no descriptive sentences. The hooks are a perfect fit. I wouldn’t try pulling them out, I think they will break.

For the strings, I bought 4 meters of ‘kala dhaaga’ or ‘maala dhaaga’ from a typical ladies’ store which sells bangles and bindis. That cost me a total of Rs. 8 and he even gave me two large plastic balls with a central tunnel, which are needed as described later on.

At home, I divided the string into two parts of 2 meters each, then further divided each string into 3 equal lengths. These 3 lengths need to be braided, as do girls with their hair. YouTube to the rescue! It’s a not too difficult task for a newbie, but a swift one for the ladies who do so to their hair regularly. I braided one, and my wife did the other.

With the braids complete, I threaded the plastic ball to the far end. This would act like a washer against the parcel tray. You could also do without it and instead tie a lot of knots at one end to make it bulky, and that would in turn stop it from slipping off the hole made in the parcel tray.

Whack out the parcel tray and drill a hole at two near corners. Try using a small drill bit. Perhaps 3-4mm. There is no need to make a large hole. If your thread is smooth(reshami), it won’t snag on opening or closing the boot. All that you need to do now is place the braided strings through the holes and then tie a loop around the newly installed hooks at the top end.

Tie it up at your desired height at which you’d like the parcel tray to be lifted when you open the boot. I tried it at multiple levels, and it didn’t snag at any. You may need to put some fevi kwik or melt the frayed ends on both sides. I haven’t trimmed the excess yet, I may need it if I choose to alter the lift height again.

And voila, the job is done! A few pictures are attached for better understanding. All in all, I spent Rs. 8. However, with the cost of the hooks, some fevi-kwik, and those two plastic balls, this is no more than Rs. 50 TOTAL. Boodmo has parcel tray strings for the Altroz at Rs 140 per string, shipping extra! What a waste. Absolutely save those rupees and buy yourself, or your car a respective pint of ethanol!

I am working on more small changes and upgrades to the Tiago. Next up are atmosphere lights (already bought from Amazon for Rs. 323. Offline accessories shop wanted Rs. 1500), reverse parking sensors( Bought from Amazon Rs. 500. Offline Rs. 1100), front armrest (Bought from Rs. 1836. Tata wants Rs. 6000, Galio spare parts online wants Rs. 2830). I’ll post them as they are completed. Thanks

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