Find Of The Day: #siberianvanlife

You’re probably looking at this week’s Find Of The Day with a bunch of questions. Let’s answer those right up front:

1. Yes, this is a Volkswagen.
2. Yes, this monster camper really is located in Siberia.
3. No, it can’t quite yet be legally imported into the United States; you’ll have to stash it somewhere for two years.
4. Yes, they want a lot of money for it.
5. Yes, it is really freaking cool.

What exactly is this gargantuan camper? This is a 1995 Volkswagen LT 4×4. The LT is a heavy-duty truck from VW’s commercial division. There were many versions of LTs, and it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which version this one is. According to Wikipedia, the LT was available with AWD from 1984 to 1989. Since this is a 1995 model it could mean this truck was converted later, or perhaps the online encyclopedia is wrong. But that couldn’t happen, could it?

The attention to detail on this all-terrain tiny house is impressive. The conversion process from commercial truck to RV is very well executed. It has cameras on the sides and the rear of the van. It has additional locks on all doors. There’s reinforced glass to prevent break-ins. The engine has a slew of enhancements ensuring this LT stays on the road for a long time. Or more accurately, stays off the road, but can still get you back to it.

Inside, this LT is tricked out. It has a full-size bed above the cab. The sofa folds out to second full-size bed. It has a spacious kitchen with a 2-burner stove and even an oven. You won’t find that in a standard Westfalia.

Outside there are enough racks, hooks, and mounting points to lash on a store full of REI gear. Not to mention LED lightbars everywhere. And there’s even a rollout shade to keep you cool.

While this behemoth RV is currently in Siberia, it will be making its way back to Europe by December, so you have time to read over all the details in the ad and arrange importation (or a find a place to hide it until 2020). You’ll also have time to convince your significant other or significant accountant that this LT fits in your budget. The current asking price is €50,000; $57,000 U.S.

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