Finding a fix: My 2015 EcoSport gearshifts have become a bit tight

I’ve been having to put in twice the effort to shift gears.

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I have a Ford Ecosport (Diesel) bought in Dec 2015. Has run around 70k kilometres as of now.

Since I continue to work from home, I use my car only once or twice a week. And once in three months, I drive to my hometown Trichy.

I have had this problem with a tight gearbox for the last one year. During my last service at Ford, I did inform the guys over there about this issue. They informed me that changing the gearbox oil would help. It did help for a little time but the issue is back.

On August 14th I drove to Salem – Trichy – Chennai. On my way to Salem, I had to put in twice the effort to shift gears. From Salem to Trichy, it was not that tight but yes additional effort had to be put in.

What would be the reason for the issue? How to rectify this, and how much would it cost?


BHPian carthick1000 had a few queries:

Some questions:

Replying to BHPian carthick1000’s questions, BHPian Anees_Offl answered:

  • A1: Yes, it is very tight when I shift from neutral to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. When I move from 3rd to 4th, and 4th to 5th it is relatively easy.
  • A2: When the engine is not running, the effort is less. When the engine is running, I need to put in more effort.
  • A3: No difference. It’s the same.

Here’s what BHPian ObsessedByFIAT had to say on the matter:

I can think of two reasons which can cause gears slot with difficulty:

  1. The gear boot sits at the bottom of the gear lever. I believe it’s a rubber part and wears out with time. Had this issue in my Figo diesel.
  2. The other can be a worn-out clutch assembly. Was the clutch assembly (clutch plate, pressure plate and the release bearing) changed recently?

Here’s what BHPian amit_purohit20 had to say on the matter:

  1. First try to adjust the clutch by reducing Freeplay ie the clutch will start biting at the pedal’s uppermost position while releasing the clutch. Hopefully, this solves the problem.
  2. Check for free movement of gear shifter cables and greasing of the gear shifting mechanism. Do not replace unnecessarily the cables and gear shifting tower.
  3. If you have a hydraulic clutch check your CSC (slave cylinder) for leakages or wear. Replacement should solve the problem. But as you said you have no problem in 4th and 5th gear I doubt whether this is the issue. CSC going kaput will make clutch hard irrespective of any gear and it might have an impact on shifting forces. -Gearbox needs to be opened.
  4. Replace with a new clutch, including the clutch release bearing. – Gearbox needs to be opened.
  5. If your synchronizer synchronizing rings are worn out, replace all of them in one go for all the synchronizers. – Gearbox needs an overhaul.

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