Have slip disc issues: Need a comfortable scooter as a local run about

I am not open to electric as this will be also used by my father and we don’t want any range anxiety.

BHPian Piyush Kanthak recently shared this with other enthusiasts,

First I would like to thank all the people who were involved in making of this amazing website.

Coming to the topic: I am currently in the need of a 125cc scooter. My requirements are:

Budget:Rs. 1,15,000 which should include everything.

  • Needs to be extremely comfortable, I am having slip disc issues and I am not supposed to ride a 2 wheeler, but for local run abouts we need one.
  • Run is about 20-30 km per month, may be lower too, also I am not open to electric as this will be also used by my father and we don’t want any range anxiety.
  • Should be fairly reliable too.

Currently I am using a 2012 Access 125.

Scooters considered:

  • TVS Jupiter 125 – Like the long seat and adjustable suspension, large boot space, only concerned about the fuel system and vibrations in the long term.
  • Suzuki Access 125 – Love the design, its better than Jupiter 125, not sure about the comfort part.

I do like the Activa but I am not open to it.

Owners please give me your insights.

Please recommend if any other 2 wheeler is good too.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Guys, question as someone who is a noob in 2-wheelers. Wouldn’t a motorcycle be more comfortable than a scooter due to its larger wheels, longer travel suspension & more ideal seating / riding position?

BHPian condor replied:

Definitely! I had an Activa which I gave up and got this vintage KB100. Much better ride, and feel more confident with the larger wheels. A current model motorcycle would be even better for ride comfort.

Here’s what BHPian Cyborg had to say on the matter:

Piyush, generally no scooter will give you an extremely comfortable ride if you have slip disc issues and are not supposed to ride one. Please rethink this before going ahead with anything.

If you still want to go ahead with one; are you ok with your old Access 125? If you are then the new Access or the Burgman should be fine for you.

I have experienced the Jupiter 110 with its gas charged shock absorbers at the back and found it to be extremely comfortable. Maybe the 125 is also, you could check.

Activa 125 is also a good option. It’s a very comfortable, no nonsense scooter. I owned it for a year and found it good but very boring.

Please test ride all the scooters and decide which one suits you the best. We can only give suggestions through our perception and experience, you will need to check for yourself.


Here’s what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

The Access 125 rides a bit stiff when solo but quite comfortable with a pillion.

Haven’t ridden the Jupiter 125 but the Jupiter 110 was significantly more comfortable than the Access 125 in its BS4 iteration, expecting the same for BS6.

The latest generation Activa hasn’t left me impressed.

You should be happier with the Jupiter 110/125 with a comfort focused need.

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

I believe from a comfort standpoint the Suzuki Burgman should serve you well. It will be extremely reliable as well. My sense is the likes of N Torq, Aerox, Aprilias etc etc will have a harder ride than you’d like, because they’ve also been tuned more for a sporty ride.

A basic motorcycle will of course be even more comfortable but I’m not sure if your father would be comfortable using one too, if he’s very old. (Making some assumptions on his age here since you mentioned you’ve got slip disc issues).

Here’s what BHPian amvj had to say on the matter:

I don’t think scooters and comfort can be mentioned in the same line unless they look like this *. I had Jupiter previously and I cannot ride more than 20-30 minutes. Also, it is very uncomfortable over bad roads. Straight up riding position on the Jupiter gives me backache. I changed to CB300R and now I am not facing the issue. I would go for slightly sporty motorcycles over the upright riding position of the scooters.

Here’s what BHPian Mustang_Boss had to say on the matter:

Consider the one which has high handle bars. I don’t know your height, so please checkout in person.

The handle bar should be decently high, so some of the weight of your body should shift to your arms while riding, this reduces load on your back. This is the most important factor which reduces stress on your back.

The Activa is a good one. Access has slightly lower handle bars. I am not sure of the TVS products, but i guess their handlebars will be lower. Vespa’s has a higher set handle.

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