My 11-yr-old VW Vento TDI continues to amaze me: 1.5 lakh km update

On its 10th birthday, I got a set of new 16-inch Momo alloy wheels and tyres.

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Quick update after a long, long time and many km, 11 years and 1.5L kms to be precise.

Just before COVID, I was looking around for a new replacement car. Odo at that time was at around 1L kms. Two years have passed, but still extending my ownership for another year or so. Why let go of a beautifully performing car? I’d shortlisted the new Octavia and was waiting for the launch. As the pandemic hit, I dropped all plans and decided to wait for two more years.

This is how good this car is performing. In the last 4 years, I had only a couple of issues – ABS sensor failure and injector ‘failure’. The injector failure was a loss of power during a BLR-HYD run. However, when I came back and took it to my nearest Bosch shop, the advisor told me to skip the injector repair and just use Liqui Moly’s diesel additives. That did the trick for me. Engine’s been running smoothly as I use the additive every 3-4K km.

Last year, I had a tire burst going through a pothole at high speed. Went for wheel alignment and the vendor told me all 4 of my alloys are bent, one of them more than the others. So I did a little splurging on the car’s 10th birthday and got it some neat 16″ Momo alloys and tires from Hercules Bangalore. Yes, may not keep the car for long but still, I was itching to spend something on the car.

This year, I have done four 3000km road trips and the car continues to amaze me. I’ve always been a sedan guy but unfortunately, now the family does not fit in the car comfortably so I might look for an SUV.

So there we are.

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