Honda Activa 6G to be simply called Activa

This could be in preparation for the launch of Honda’s first electric scooter.

Honda has decided to rebrand its most popular scooter, the Activa 6G. The latest generation of the scooter loses the ‘6G’ suffix and will simply be called Activa.

Honda has updated its official website, which now lists the Activa 6G as Activa. The suffix has also disappeared from all the official pictures of the scooter.

Honda adopted the branding specifying the generation from 2015 onwards. The Activa 3G was the first to get a suffix. Since then, the bike maker has launched three generations of the popular scooter – 4G, 5G and 6G.

The fact that Honda has rebranded the Activa suggests that the company could be looking to reposition the model as it prepares to launch its first electric scooter in the Indian market.

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