Single-owner 2012 Mercedes W212 in clean condition: Worth Rs 7-8 lakh?

The car has done 88,000 km and has been properly & timely serviced at the authorised workshop. The entire history is available.

BHPian jonesanto recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The car in question is a November 2012 W212 E250 Avantgarde, done 88000KM, single owner, complete history available at Benz service and last service done in 2022 at 80K.

A 28-page PDF available as service history. The car is in the company name and service bills are paid by the company so even wear and tear items like a few trims and buttons which are faded have been changed.

Each and every year whether the car has done miles or not it has gone for yearly service. Complete suspension overhaul has been done in 2021, gear box oil has been changed as preventive maintenance they say, car drives well, like how a Benz should be, no squeak or rattle. Seats are in good condition, even driver’s seat is in perfect condition. Outside, few visible scratches, one small ding at driver’s side door, all original paint, original glasses, no rust, no leaks, in short one can say, well maintained.

What needs immediate attention?

Service is due in 2k.

Tires can last 5K after that you may be pushing it.

MH registration, owner relocated. Car is in Kerala and it will be used in Kerala.

For years I toyed with the idea of getting a W124 and even checked out a few cars in Bangalore and in Kerala, slowly I realized it is near impossible to find a clean W124 and if anyone has one, they don’t wanna sell it.

After W124, W212 E class is the one which I found appealing. Other cars like the BMW 530d M-Sport F10 still demand a premium and are not in my budget.

For me, this car will not be a daily drive, I do have other cars for that. Buying a luxury car is a dream many work hard to realize. Now, requirements and priorities can differ from person to person. Do I wish to own a luxury car at some point in my life? Yes. Will I buy a 70-80 lakh luxury car even if I have the money? Most probably no.

So my question is, after all the due diligence if this is a clean car, should I go for it? I do have the budget for it. I can close the deal somewhere between 7-8 lakh. You need to consider the fact registering in Kerala requires another 2.5 lakh or so.

Here’s what BHPian B747fan had to say about the matter:


My family owns a 2010 E250CDi that we purchased back in December of 2010, and has run 130,000 kilometres. I can certainly vouch that it still has a solid build quality, and it’s hard to say that it is already almost 13 years old!

The car is quite an eye-catcher and a lovely machine! Still catches speed in no time and is very punchy!

If the car is completely clean, then I would say go for it, especially at that price. One thing I would suggest is to get the infotainment upgraded to an Android system that supports proper Bluetooth, if you like listening to music, or else the stock system is also good.

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