Hoonigan Spotlights a Custom 1951 Ford Victoria

Hot rod builder Manny Figueroa recently took his 1951 Ford Victoria to the Hoonigan Donut Garage. His custom coupe looks to be a mashup of the lowrider customization style with the mechanical elements of a vintage dragster.

Up front, the Victoria packs a Ford small block Windsor V-8 that’s been punched out to 414 cubic inches (6.8 liters). Power is sent through a four-speed automatic transmission connected to a ratcheting shifter, then to the typical Ford nine inch rear differential.

On the styling front, the Ford wears all the chrome it came with off the line in ’51. Air suspension lets the car hug the Earth, and side skirts completely cover the rear wheels. The look is then completed with custom side-exit exhaust pipes. Inside the car is bespoke leather upholstery, featuring many polished nickle buttons that are popular in lowrider builds.

Figueroa claims that the car was in a front-end collision and all but totaled. Looking at its current condition, that’s almost hard to believe. He also plans to chop the car’s top in the future, cutting and re-welding the car’s roof at key points giving the car a lower, sleeker roof-line.


Figueroa bids the Donut Garage farewell by ripping a massive burnout in the parking lot, supposedly the biggest one that Hoonigan has ever seen. Pink smoke pours out of the Ford’s wheel wells, and flaming chunks of spent rubber are left behind. For any doubters, this Victoria is every bit as mean as it looks.

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