GT Sport FIA Schedule Hints at New Track — But What Could It Be?

The inaugural GT Sport FIA Championship heads to Madrid this weekend for the European Regionals. It’s going to feature some of the fastest Sport players in the world — and it could hint at future content for the entire player base as well.

This weekend’s activity will follow on from the previous showdown in Japan. Taking place at Madrid Games Week, the change of scenery means an enormous custom-built arena for the showdowns. The basic structure of the two-day event is the same as it was in Japan, however.

That means three groups of ten drivers will face off on the first day. Through a combination of races, only ten drivers will advance to the second day, securing their spots at next month’s World Final. They’ll take on three more races on Saturday to determine the European Final standings, and it’s here that a potential new track may show up for the first time.

The schedule above shows an unknown track for the final race of the event. Polyphony’s getting sneaky: it let Fuji out of the bag on the Austrian event schedule last month, after all. Whether or not this is a new track or the team simply wants to keep it a surprise until the race is unclear. Given the track record, we’d consider the former a safe bet, however.

Whatever it is, it’ll surely present a challenge to the finalists, as they’ll be pointing the mega-fast Red Bull X2014 around it. If it’s meant to have more of a local flavor, previous Spanish tracks from Gran Turismo history include Circuito de Madrid — appropriate, really — Ascari Race Resort, Circuito de Sierra, and Valencia (which appeared in Gran Turismo on the PSP).

Polyphony added a wrinkle to the guessing game by breaking its pattern of alternating real world and fantasy circuits this summer. We’ve had the one-two of Red Bull Ring and Fuji; maybe it’s time for Deep Forest’s return?

Whether it’s a new track or not, GT Sport players won’t have long to find out. The racing kicks off on Friday, with live streams capturing all the action. GTPlanet will also be on the ground in Madrid, so stay tuned for any surprises that may be in store.

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