Husqvarna Vektorr concept: brand’s first e-scooter unveiled

Husqvarna Vektorr concept is the first electric scooter to be produced. It showcases the brand’s vision for electric urban mobility.

Husqvarna Motorcycles have unveiled the Vektorr electric scooter concept. The unveiling of the concept is in line with the brand’s recent announcement to move towards e-mobility.

The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept will form the brand’s E-mobility range of products, alongside the recently unveiled E-Pilen motorcycle concept.

The Vektorr electric scooter is said to be a compact and stylish personal transport solution aimed squarely towards an urban commuter. It will come with a top speed of 45 km/h and has a claimed range of 95 km.

The Vektorr and the E-Pilen concepts are said to represent Husqvarna’s vision of electric urban mobility for the future. The concepts will also set a benchmark for quality, aesthetics and performance for future models from Husqvarna.

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