Letting your kids stick their heads out through your sunroof could land you a RM500 fine and 3 months jail – paultan.org

Sila amik tindakan keatas pemandu yang membenarkan kanak2 mengeluarkan separuh anggota badan di lebuh raya NKVE Subang ke Bukit Lanjan @PDRMsia @JPJ_Malaysia @LLMrasmi kejadian 23/1 @ 1.15pm pic.twitter.com/TxAB01HICW

— Bella (@nabilahroslan) January 23, 2023

PDRM has issued a press release warning motorists not to drive with their children sticking parts of their bodies out of the sunroof. This is in response to a video posted by Twitter user @nabilahroslan showing a red Proton X70 in the fast lane of NKVE with a child standing through the sunroof.

According to PDRM, this action could land you with a RM500 fine and jail time of up to 3 months, or both. The offence falls under Section 336 of the Penal Code – “whoever does any act so rashly or negligently as to endanger human life or the personal safety of others.”

PDRM also calls for the owner or driver of the Proton X70 and any other witnesses to come forward and make a police report, or to contact Sarjan Mejar Mohd Yusof b Hamzah at 01123065984 to help with investigations.

It goes without saying, even if this action wasn’t illegal and punishable by law, you should not do it out of pure love and concern for your kids. Don’t do this!

It is already dangerous enough that the child was not properly secured in a child seat, but imagine all the bad things that could happen with the kids body hanging out of the vehicle.

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