Modifying my Mahindra Thar: Lights & front grille upgrade

These are mounted on a bolt-on bracket with absolutely no drilling and all.

BHPian shankar.balan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Honestly LED lights just look good but are absolutely useless in the driving rain, mist and fog. I have put Philips G Force extreme vision white halogen bulbs in the headlamps. This is a straight swap. 55W 12 V. Available on Amazon for Rs 1800 for a pair of bulbs. I did this last year sometime.

Last Saturday, I chose to switch out my OEM grille and fix the Wrangler JL lookalike grille from Bimbra. The OEM fog lamps which are mounted in the OEM bumper have been swapped out to a clean plug-and-play halogen solution costing about Rs 7000. These lamps have three colours. White, Warm White and Yellow. And they are simply operated by switching the main headlamp and integrated fog lamp switch, on and off to change their colour. Today, I chose to invest in a pair of superb Hella 700FF Amber/ Yellow halogens as additional illumination as well as to enhance the tough Jeep look. These are mounted on a bolt-on bracket from Bimbra. Absolutely no drilling and all. They introduced a relay switch inside the bonnet and spliced the wires. And a small switch inside the cabin below the steering wheel switches these lights on and off.

In all honesty, this set-up is more than sufficient for the kind of heavy driving rain, mist and fog that we often encounter here in the hill stations of South India, to which I am a very frequent visitor throughout the year. I have placed some pictures here of what I have done, for others to see and evaluate.

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