What's A Twin-Turbo Cummins Diesel Engine Doing In A Ford Mustang?

Ford - What's A Twin-Turbo Cummins Diesel Engine Doing In A Ford Mustang? - News

Ford’s 5.0-litre ‘Coyote’ V8 is a pretty good engine, and provides plenty of performance in the latest Ford Mustang. But, as you’d guess from the billowing black smoke, this one’s been transplanted with a diesel lump. The unusual creation has been forged together by YouTuber Westen Champlin, with the nat-asp V8 having been swapped out in favour of a 5.9-litre I6 Cummins diesel engine from lorries and US school buses, complete with a smokestack.

Despite the diesel engine’s enormous displacement, it originally produced around 227bhp, which was clearly not enough performance for Champlin. With the help of a twin-turbocharger system from Evil Fab Performance, the YouTuber claims the appropriately named “Smoke-stang” now produces between 1000bhp and 1300bhp.

We can’t be sure why you’d do this transplant, but the most recent video uploaded by Champlin shows the diesel Mustang using its obscene amounts of torque to easily tow an old motorboat. We think that a Ford F-150 would have been a more sensible choice for towing, but Westen’s Mustang will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd of trucks on American roads. Especially with all the acrid black smoke pouring out of the ‘stack.

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The YouTuber also put the Mustang through its paces on the drag strip, recording a quarter mile time of 13.2 seconds, which is 1.1 seconds slower than a regular Mustang V8 GT.

Just a diesel Mustang doing a burnout while towing a boat, no big deal...

We’re not exactly the biggest fans of coal-rolling, and we’d prefer to see this insane project build without black clouds of smoke billowing from the engine-mounted exhaust. But there’s no doubt that this Mustang is one of the craziest home builds we’ve ever seen.

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