My Mitsubishi Cedia: Gold wheels & updates to battery & 4-channel amp

The red car looking resplendent in gold shoes

BHPian SunnyBoi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It was finally time to get rid of the poop wheels. They all come off the car and get sanded down in preparation for new paint.

…and I went with my safe choice, gold.

Applied some ceramic coating to it. This turned the matte wheels satin, much to my dislike.

Got a “cheap” torque wrench dedicated only to tightening wheel bolts

Car looking resplendent in gold shoes.

More pictures of the car in its usual habitat.

It was time to replace the dead 4-channel amp with something working. Got an XM-GS4 from bamaboy, and he included something in the package that said miniDSP on it.

I did the basic TA and set the crossovers. I had to get it tuned by Piyush, it’s been over 3 years and I’ve still not done it. Sigh. One of these days for sure…

Red car enjoying the company of more red cars.

Soon it was time for a new battery. I wanted to get this one with the right post-orientation. When I took out the clamp for the positive lead, I noticed a crack and corrosion on the underside.

Got a battery with a higher capacity for the same size, the new battery is a DIN60 replacing a DIN55.

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