My Skoda Slavia DSG clocks 10900 kms: First service & other updates

I have jumped the gun and am sourcing a Racechip piggyback ECU for the car. Should see how that turns out to be.

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Got the first year service done at 10900kms and a week ahead of turning one year. I had some pending things to be done, and hence decided to visit the service center. Maintaining a good rapport with the SA works well and the appointment was scheduled through their CRM. In addition to the periodic maintenance schedule, the engine noise shield had arrived and the door auto up function needed software update. So together I wanted to get everything done at one shot. Service was done promptly a little past lunch time:

  • Engine oil, oil filter, AC filter replaced under Skoda AMC
  • Air filter replaced under my instruction – Costs a mere 320 bucks and there is too much dust around where I frequently travel.
  • Service Campaign 1: Application of sealant at the base of A pillar to prevent water ingress.
  • Campaign 2: Driver side door controller update for auto up function.
  • Strangely, my car VIN number didn’t show up for AC software update. But I dont really need it. AC works fine.
  • For the first time I asked them to fix a vibration of the dashboard while going over rumblers. It was not a rattle but more of a vibration which could be felt. They fixed it.
  • Bonnet insulation was added – Wanted to reduce the heating of the bonnet due to turbo heat and hence got this installed. I don’t see any change in NVH so far and neither was that the intention.

Had to pay only for the air filter and the insulation material and no other overheads were charged. Overall a pleasant experience.

The past one year has been the best so far when it comes to driving. I have had the Slavia and Crysta accompany me on many trips and both cars together have clocked 20k kms and I have learnt to appreciate how the two have their own strengths and weaknesses. One is a locomotive and the other a rocket. But when it comes to the highway, both are extremely good mile munchers with the Crysta having an edge in comfort and the Slavia a speed advantage.

That said, I have jumped the gun and am sourcing a Racechip piggyback ECU for the car. Should see how that turns out to be. Getting the ECU directly from Germany since the official dealer in India is charging double the money for the same. Will update as I install it. The reason I went for this is I wanted configurable engine performance. I don’t need all the power for my office commute where I can choose an economical map for better FE. Increased performance is just a bonus so whatever it offers I wouldn’t complain.

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