Need help to buy a perfect combination of 2 cars in Rs 70-80L budget

One will be used by my wife so it needs to be super comfortable. And the other will be a relatively infrequently used car for me to drive to work & back.

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Hi all,

Looking to buy 2 cars for a budget of 70-80 lacs, and am a bit confused about the choices. Would love to get your advice. We have 3 main needs which the 2 cars will need to collectively solve.

We will also head out on short road trips occasionally (e.g. to Lonavla) but any combination of cars we buy will solve the highway cruiser need, so I am not fussed about it.

The combinations I am wrangling with are:

BMW X1 @ ~60L (upcoming new-gen model) PLUS Tata Nexon EV @ ~15L

The X1 solves for #2 and #3, while Nexon takes care of #1. The Nexon’s electric running cost is attractive, but in this setup, our heavy-use car is a 15 lac car while the nicer X1 is rarely used. Or we flip it and the X1 becomes the family car while I use the EV. Could also consider the MG ZS here but it takes us slightly over budget and I thought the Nexon was good enough compared to the ZS (didn’t drive either – only sat briefly in each).

Innova HyCross ZX(O) @ ~40L PLUS Audi A4 base ‘premium’ trim @ say 45L

Attractive proposition since the new Innova will be the best-in-class for need #1 (way better than an X1 or Nexon I think), while the A4 is a nice car that solves #2 and #3. I don’t mind self-driving the Innova on highway rides leaving behind an Audi at home – MPV over sedan any day (no one in the family seems to like highway drives in a sedan anyway – my driving style worsens in a sedan I guess lol). However, this combo is likely to go slightly over budget even accounting for Audi discounts. Plus the new Innova’s delivery is a big question mark – I put in a booking only 2 days ago (not on the first day), so am not very early in the queue. Can wait 1-2 months but simply cannot wait 4-5 months.

Innova HyCross ZX(O) @ ~40L PLUS Used Audi A6 or BMW 520d or 530d etc @30L-40L

This is the ‘heart’ combination since I love the 5 series / A6 segment. I would love to get something like a pre-worshipped 530d but there’s barely any availability, plus it will take the total budget to ~90L, plus I am not sure of used cars anymore after the 2-3 used cars I saw so far (they were externally neat but very clearly used, with poor leather condition, yellowing LED DRLs etc). And this was at Audi Approved Plus! But that was maybe because they were 4-6-year-old cars, so I am happy to keep exploring 2-3-year-old cars if the experts here say I should keep looking at used cars. Loved the A6’s Bose system. BTW I don’t want to consider a generation-old car here. E.g. the 2019 C class is not fun anymore after the new C class came out. A mildly used X1 could also be an attractive proposition here though I know a new generation is on its way. If only I could get a used S5 in my budget!

Happy to get other suggestions, especially in terms of a super comfortable cruiser for need #1, e.g. a Carens instead of Innova? Does it get 95% of the job done for 60% of the cost? I briefly sat in the Carens and while it was nice, it didn’t give the sense of sitting in a living room, the way an Innova does (plus the air purifier on the Carens seatback seemed like an odd thing – jutting into my mind space). BTW we don’t care for ‘macho’ looks and the packaging compromises that SUVs seem to make while chasing macho-ness (high floorpan, big middle tunnel for RWD, less cargo space, usually not captain chairs, etc), so I didn’t even check out Safari / Hector / Gloster types. But happy to revisit if some of them can truly compete with an Innova and at a meaningfully lower price.

Thanks a ton!

Here’s what BHPian vipinS had to say about the matter:

How about this combination – Skoda Superb L&K with tan interiors for around 40 lakh and an Innova HyCross for the family?

I just had a good look at the Superb L&K yesterday and it was loaded with all the reasonable features one could ask for. The interior dare I say looked luxurious too in that Tan colour. A super underrated car for sure. The only problem is the stock is limited and it’s going to be discontinued soon. But if we go by the past VW pricing then the New Superb when it launches in 2023 or 2024 will definitely be over 50 lakh on-road which makes the current one a great car at that price.

Here’s what BHPian lamborghini had to say about the matter:

Innova Hycross ZX / Hyundai Tucson (depending on if you’re ok with the 4 seater ottomans v/s 5 seater bench) coupled with a pre-owned 2020 330i M-Sport (there are a couple on carwale) would be my pick.

The 330i is quite easy to manoeuvre in Mumbai’s traffic and a joy to self-drive. Plus, the shorter wheelbase seems to have fewer complaints than the 5 series when it comes to our road conditions and you aren’t gaining much in terms of legroom either. The A4 is a tempting option, but between a new base A4 & a well cared for, under warranty pre-owned 330i: the 330i is definitely the more engaging car to drive and fits your needs of a fast sedan, though the A4 would have better comfort and peace of mind (being new).

I wouldn’t look at the X1 – given the 2 / CLA / A etc. don’t qualify as proper luxury cars; the X1 / GLA wouldn’t meet the cut either I would assume since they’re the FWD entry-level options. Plus if you’re spending 60L on the X1; rather spend 64 and get the Q5 Premium Plus along with the Nexon EV (though the Kushaq 1.0AT could be a better bet – more legroom and more comfortable rear seats for 2 since the floor isn’t elevated for the battery).

Here’s what BHPian Sanidhya mukund had to say about the matter:

For the first car, your best bet would be a van or a crossover. Consider Innova Hycross, Kia Carnival and Hyundai Tucson at the upper end of the spectrum and Kia Carens, Maruti Grand Vitara or XL6 at the more reasonably priced end.

Since this car will be chauffeur-driven, features may not be that important, so you could consider lower variants (GX Petrol) of the Innova Hycross with or without captain seats as well.

For the fun car, Skoda Octavia is a VFM option. If you are keen on going for a car with a premium badge, your best bet is the BMW 330i Sport (if available at a dealer near you). As you said, the A-class, 2-series and GLA are barely luxury cars. No doubt, they feel very upscale in terms of fit and finish, but they do not have the power, refinement, comfort, practicality or snob value of larger cars from the same brand. C-class is really plush inside and a new model too, but given the tonnes of new tech, I would be skeptical about how reliable that car is. Also, when spending 60+, might as well go into the next segment. Lexus ES300H, BMW X3, Audi Q5 and A6 are all only slightly more expensive but are a full size larger than the C.

In the end, my combinations of choice would be:

  • Kia Carnival Prestige 6 seater + Skoda Octavia L and K or
  • Maruti Suzuki XL6 Zeta + BMW 330i M Sport or
  • Innova Crysta GX 7 Seater (If an outgoing model is acceptable) + BMW 330i Sport

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