Novitec launches Ferrari Roma upgrades

Ferrari's latest GT has already been warmly received, so how might 700hp go down?

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, November 16, 2021 / Loading comments

They’re nothing if not consistent at Novitec. Evidently the triple threat of more power, more carbon and bigger wheels works as a business model; no sooner has a new supercar hit the streets than the Novitec refinements are available. This week it’s the turn of the Ferrari Roma.

The new GT has impressed already: “a mesmeric super GT” is how the PH first drive concluded, “and quite an act for anyone else to follow.” Still, undeterred by the plaudits and seeking to improve the experience further, Novitec has embarked on a new range of upgrades. It hasn’t embraced the widebody look just yet (we’d put nothing past them) but Novitec’s work promises a significant change to the Roma.

Most notably, as per usual, that’s in the extra power. Novitec has done plenty of work with Ferrari’s twin-turbo V8, and by its standards, the 704hp and 650lb ft look fairly modest – if still big gains over the standard 620hp/561lb ft. Peak power at 7,400rpm (versus 5,750-7,500rpm as standard) ought to keep the character intact. Performance claims are predictably wild: 3.2 seconds to 62mph and 8.9 seconds to 124mph, says Novitec, with a top speed of more than 201mph.

It says much of how good the regular Roma looks that even some fairly drastic modifications keep it looking fairly classy. Novitec believes the carbon add ons – front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler, diffuser, even light surrounds – lend the Roma “racing looks” although by its standards this is still almost restrained. Furthermore, there aren’t many cars that don’t look better for bigger wheels and lower suspension; the Roma now sits 35mm lower on Vossen 21-/22-inch wheels, with predictable results. You’d hate to have to travel around town in it, even with Novitec’s new nose lift, but certainly wouldn’t mind the favourable attention.

Typically you might say the Novitec upgrades have niche appeal, but it would be easy to see a few Roma customers being intrigued by these tweaks. There are the usual range of cosmetic modifications available as well, if for some inexplicable reason Maranello hasn’t been able to accommodate them. Novitec’s parts are available now, as are the cars – this black over red Romalooks a great place to start.

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