Professor Hammer’s Traveling Metal Working School for 2019

Hey, metal shapers here’s your chance to learn in person from Ron Covell the master of metal finishing known in the pages of STREET RODDER as Professor Hammer. Sign up now because to ensure a valuable learning experience class sizes are limited.

Ron Covell has been traveling the country for over 25 years with his metalworking workshops, visiting some of the top shops in the nation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about metalworking techniques, and to have your questions answered by one of the best-known metalworkers in the country – our own “Professor Hammer”. Covell workshops are also a great opportunity to meet other people with interests like yours, and many friendships (and business relationships) have developed from meetings in these workshops.

There is no prerequisite for any workshop, and you can attend for one day or both. The cost is $200 for each day, and you can register on the Covell website – – or by telephone – 831 768-0705. For 2019 on the following dates Ron “Professor Hammer” Covell will appear at the locations listed below.

Covell Metalworking Workshops for 2019
Updated 10/09/2018
Rydell GM Auto Center                       April 27            Beginning Steel
Grand Forks, North Dakota                 April 28            Advanced Steel
Hoosier Hills Career Center                May 11               Beading Machine Intensive
Bloomington, Indiana                          May 12            Complex Metalshaping
Greening Automotive                          Sept 14            Bucks & Forms
Cullman, Alabama                               Sept 15            Advanced Metalshaping
Emory Motorsports                              Sept 21            Beading Machine Intensive
North Hollywood, California                Sept 22            Complex Metalshaping
Ida Automotive                                    Oct 26             Bucks & Forms
Morganville New Jersey                      Oct 27            Advanced Metalshaping

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