Rally Legend San Marino: Time for Coffee?

A collection of some of the most iconic and best sounding rally cars in one video? Get the kettle on and turn up the volume!

Every year the hillsides of San Marino reverberate with the sounds of iconic rally cars as part of its annual Rally Legend event. Featuring models from the finest eras of the sport being driven at pace against a stunning backdrop of scenery, it’s a gem on the vintage motorsport calendar – as well as heaven for die-hard rally fans.

Cars including Group B Audi Quattros and historic Mk1 Ford Escorts contrast more modern machines like the Ford Focus WRC and Citroen C4 WRC. There’s something for everyone at San Marino’s fast-growing event, and no shortage of flat-out action from the drivers.

Rally fans have a habit of making some excellent videos for the internet, so even if you didn’t make to the event, which ran from the 11-14th October, there’s plenty of footage to choose from. In fact, a dozen or so videos that have gone live over the past 48 hours are deserving of your coffee break, but we’ve chosen one because on average it encouraged the highest number of consecutive expletives from the PH desk. The video maker has done a fine job of stitching together epic clip after epic clip, as you shall see.

Don’t forget to turn up the volume…

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