Ratty Rescue: Silver Bullet

Did you like this week’s Find Of The Day? If you’re now on the lookout for your own power-packed Jetta, here’s one to consider. This 2003 Jetta has a number of upgrades and an asking price less than half of that FOTD. And it even has a full interior. Bonus!

The Jetta is Volkswagen’s most popular model, so it should come as no surprise that owners like to pump tons of money into them. They might want a subtly modified car. Or something wild and outrageous. And then there are owners that want nothing more than to blast off from a standstill and hit unbelievable speeds. Appearance takes a backseat (pun: completely intended) to horsepower. And this Jetta follows that formula.

The pièce de résistance on this 2003 sedan is the turbocharger. Lurking in the engine bay is an F23 Hybrid K04 FrankenTurbo. Bigger turbo = more power. The Jetta has a Unitronic tune. There’s a three-inch turbo-back exhaust system and “a muffler is present.”

The Jetta has a coilover suspension and the frame is notched. It has bigger brakes from a Passat, and the front tires are Mikey Thompsons. Not a bad start. It even comes with extra parts like upgraded fuel injectors, an MAF housing from an Audi TT 225Q, and some other bits.

The downside? This low-priced rocket is a little rough around the edges. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s not terrible, but this is a car with a “nice personality.” There are scrapes on the bumpers, a missing grille, a…questionable Euro plate, and a rather rough interior. But if you value pure power over pretty, this is a car for you.

You can see the car in-person in Winchester, Virginia. Current asking price: $2500. Take a look at the car in our classifieds.

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